BCHS stack

BSD, C, httpd, SQLite: start, tools, example.

Why BCHS? Because the open Internet is damn inhospitable.

  1. BSD.

    OpenBSD. Documentation. Security. Reliable six-month releases. It takes the guess-work out of your environment.

    Resources: man pages, FAQ, Absolute OpenBSD.

  2. C.

    C is a straightforward, non-mustachioed language. It has full access to the kernel's system calls and a massive set of development tools.

    Resources: The C Programming Language, gcc-local(1).

  3. httpd.

    OpenBSD's home-grown web server. If you need more features for your web application, start rethinking.

    Resources: httpd(8), httpd.conf(5), slowcgi(8).

  4. SQLite.

    SQLite is a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration database. And it's bundled (for now…) with stock OpenBSD.

    Resources: API reference (or convert to manpages).

Install, fire up the web server, and get to work. What next? Consider your tools.